FEBRUARY 9 - 11, 2022 - ESPACE GRUYERE - BOOTH 30-66

AQUA PRO GAZ is the Swiss trade fair for the global water cycle. DOLDER® PURE specializes in the filtration and purification of water, air and other harmful substances. Our experts develop proven solutions that are perfectly adapted to your needs.



ViewPoint Behavior Technology is a french company involved worldwide, for over 30 years, in health and environmental research, offering its customer the state of the art animal behavior analysis solutions. We offer our expertise in video image processing to stakeholders working on the major challenges of the planet: Health, water, and food.

ToxmateLab Multi-Species Behavior Monitoring Tool

The ToxmateLab is a brand new product developed by ViewPoint able to monitor multi-species' behavior in a specific environment. ToxmateLAB is dedicated to research in laboratories. This apparatus has been designed to track and record behavioural outputs of small living organisms, in high throughput. As well as to analyze and measure the toxic properties and impact of a fluid on the behavior of small animals. Three powerful and precise cameras record continuously the activity of the animals in order to observe the tiniest and the most discreet behavior.





Inopsys’ main focus is the recuperation of valuable compounds such as metals (Palladium, Platinum, Zinc, Vanadium, …), solvents, and of course clean water. In addition, global surface water quality is impacted by pharmaceuticals in the environment, endocrine disrupting chemicals, PFAS, … Through our R&D activities, we actively invest in research that brings solutions for this challenge of the future.



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