Our family-owned and managed company is in the fourth generation as an international distributor of chemical raw materials. It is our major concern to meet internationally recognized standards for business practices, environmental protection and social responsibility towards our employees and the society in general. That is why we are committed to the highest standards.

As an intermediary between different companies and markets, we are active in a number of countries, each with its own specific legal foundations. We will, of course, comply with the respective regulations and require our suppliers to follow the same business practices.

Dolder operates in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and EcoVadis, setting measurable goals to continuously improve our service quality, environmental performance and social standards. We provide regular training to our employees to create awareness and understanding of our quality, social and environmental management systems. 

We are aware of the importance of this responsibility and we strive to continuously improve our processes and services. Thanks to strict monitoring, we can react quickly to changes and take appropriate measures. The following guidelines will give you a general overview of the way we do business and take responsibility.

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ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EcoVadis

All our sites are ISO certified. Internal and external audits ensure continuous improvement of our processes. You can find all our certificates at www.dolder.com/quality.


Compliance with the law
We comply with national and international laws and regulations.

Product safety
Our products and services do not endanger people and the environment and meet the agreed or statutory standards for product safety.

Prohibition of corruption and bribery
Any sort of corruption is to be omitted. Specifically prohibited is bribery in order to take influence on representatives from our business partners.

Business integrity
Our employees do not accept gifts and other benefits (apart from gifts of a value corresponding to the local customs, and all applicable laws, rules and regulations), neither from customers nor suppliers.

Fair competition
Every business action is subject to the rules of fair competition. We comply with the applicable antitrust laws and laws against unfair competition.

Protection of intellectual property rights
We respect the intellectual property rights of third parties.


Management and employees are committed to make an exemplary contribution to protect the environment. DOLDER is certified according to ISO 14001. Every employee is obliged to participate in the fulfillment of this business principle and to incorporate the following guidelines.

  1. We are aware of current legal requirements and comply with them. We follow as far as possible the recommendations of the relevant industry association for our area (e.g. in Switzerland: „Kollektivlösung Gewerbeverband“) 

  2. We strive for a responsible and environmentally friendly way to use our resources

  3. We promote the sense of responsibility of all our employees with regard to the environment

  4. We apply environmentally friendly technologies

  5. We take the necessary precautions to avoid any accident related damages to the environment

  6. We monitor the impact of our activities on the environment and reduce its stress to a minimum


Our social policy is based on local law and internationally recognized principles. We strive to continuously improve the working environment of our employees, whether through training or by optimizing their workplace - to ensure that everyone can realize their potential. Our “Code of Ethics” guides our cooperation with internal and external partners. We protect the health and safety of our employees through the identification and minimizing of risks and by ensuring safe working procedures.

Treatment of employees
We require that all employees be treated with dignity and respect and do not tolerate abuse or harassment of any kind. We compensate our employees and provide benefits that generally exceed the legal or industry minimum. We will, of course, comply with all applicable national labor laws and regulations regarding working hours. We are committed to achieving a good work-life-balance and offer attractive pension packages to long-serving employees. As a multinational company, we promote international and cultural exchange.

Equal opportunity and diversity
We have an equal opportunity culture to provide a pleasant and rewarding work environment for all. Every employee receives equal treatment, regardless of culture, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or origin.

Freedom of association
We recognize the fundamental right of our employees to join or consider joining trade unions and to bargain collectively. to engage in collective bargaining.

Charitable donations 
A portion of our revenue is donated to charitable organizations each year. These range from daycare centers to projects for homeless people and reforestation.

Child labour and modern slavery
We do not permit the use of child labour and modern slavery. We welcome the “Minimum Age Convention, 1973” and the “Modern Slavery Act 2015” and acknowledge our responsibility towards the prevention of child labour, slavery and human trafficking.


The Dolder Group is committed to the highest standards of openness, probity and accountability. An important aspect of accountability and transparency is a mechanism to enable staff and other members of the company to voice concerns in a responsible and effective manner. It is a fundamental term of every contract of employment that an employee will faithfully serve his or her employer and not disclose confidential information about the employer’s affairs.

Nevertheless, where an individual discovers information which they believe shows serious malpractice or wrongdoing within the organisation then this information should be disclosed internally without fear of reprisal, and there should be arrangements to enable this to be done independently of line management (although in relatively minor instances the line manager would be the appropriate person to be told).

To obtain appropriate reports, we rely on internal and external whistleblowers, whose anonymity we must protect. For this reason, we offer with GlobaLeaks (globaleaks.org) an internationally recognized platform for reporting suspicious activities. The open source platform is used, among others, by anti-corruption institutions, crime-fighting organizations, and newspapers to protect sources for investigative journalism.

Reports can be made and documents uploaded at dolder.com/whistleblowing. These are then forwarded anonymously to our HR (with marketing as the secondary recipient).


The protection of employees is a major goal for Dolder. The management and all employees are committed, to align their activities, so that the company is making an exemplary contribution to occupational health and safety. Every employee is obliged to participate in the fulfillment of this principle and to incorporate the following guidelines:

  1. We are aware of current legal requirements and comply with them. We follow as far as possible the recommendations of the relevant industry association for our area 
  2. We make all necessary arrangements to achieve a high level of occupational safety
  3. We promote the training of all employees on occupational safety
  4. We engage our employees in the definition of the necessary measures
  5. We monitor the impact of our activities on health & safety and reduce possible risks to a minimum