PURAFIL has the knowledge and expertise to develop viable solutions. The multi-stage molecular filtration systems remove 99.99% of virus-carrying aerosols*.

*Laboratory testing demonstrated 99.99% reduction of aerosols carrying MS2. 

This product is available in following countries: France, Switzerland

Christian Zumwald (FP)
Business Unit Manager
phone: +41 61 326 66 26
Christian Zumwald (FP)
Business Unit Manager
phone: +41 61 326 66 26

Versatile solutions

Whether in daycare centers, schools, doctors' offices, on public transportation or in the workplace - PURAFIL's PuraShield® filters clean the air and create a safe environment.


PURAFIL Positive Pressurization Unit (PPU) is an independently operating air purification system that protects sensitive computers or electronic equipment from corrosion. The system can be used alone or in combination with the PURAFIL CAS (Corrosive Air System). Typical areas of application for the PPU are computer rooms, control rooms and industrial sites where electrical and/or electronic equipment is installed, such as paper mills, refineries, the steel processing industry, laboratories, etc.

Corrosion-free ambient air

PURAFIL PPU generates a slight overpressure of filtered air - free of harmful gases - in a closed environment and thus achieves a degree of air purity defined by the ISA standard. This standard corresponds to the environmental requirements of the warranty conditions of most computer and electronic parts manufacturers.

Independent air circulation system

PURAFIL PPU generates a continuous overpressure in the area to be protected. Up to 50% of the PPU's airflow can be used by bringing in outside air and 50% or more can be used in recirculation mode. PURAFIL PPU is designed to be installed inside a room and comes with a fan, particulate and gas filter, air quality measurement, differential pressure gauge and adjustable damper.

Two-stage chemical filtration and high flexibility

Two different chemical filtration media can be used in the PURAFIL PPU to filter different gases from the air. The PURAFIL PPU is available in four horizontal and four vertical versions with air flow rates from 850 m³/h to 6,800 m³/h each.

Standard version

  • Cold-rolled steel housing
  • Complete filling with PURAFIL dry chemical granules
  • Direct drive fan
  • Frequency converter
  • Integrated throttle valve
  • 200 Pa differential pressure for saturated filters
  • Pre-filters and fine filters
  • Recyclable PURAFIL MediaPAKTM modules

Optional equipment

  • Aluminium or stainless-steel housing
  • Special motors
  • Change of air direction from bottom to top (vertical variant only)
  • Openings for connection to other PURAFIL equipment
  • Floor rollers (vertical variant only)
  • Additional sound insulation
  • Weather protection (horizontal variant only)
  • Measuring devices for monitoring the differential pressure of the particle filters

Purafil Inc.

Founded in 1969 in Doraville (Atlanta, USA), Purafil has been part of the Filtration Group Inc. since 2015. The company’s focus is to create the world’s best air purification products to make people’s life and business better.

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