Dolder Group is now present in Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey and – every now and then – we are looking for new colleagues to join us. Indeed, we do not recruit frequently, as our colleagues tend to stay with us for a long time: At the moment, we have an average age of service of ten years and “I can recommend Dolder” was the highest graded answer in our 2021 employee survey (it got a score of 90 out of 100 points). Nevertheless, we do have retirements, the occasional colleague leaving us and: We are growing! Consequently, if you are looking for a job, we might have an interesting position for you.


As we are a distributor of specialty chemicals and plastics as well as filtration materials, we are mainly looking for sales managers, sales coordinators and logistics specialists. If you have read our other blog entries, you might already know what we are looking for in those working with us:

  • A long-term commitment based on transparency, reliability, and trust. 
  • Up-to-date knowledge in your field and a strong drive to increase your knowhow and skills
  • Being prepared to collaborate in a team
  • Having a strong sense of ethics
  • Being self-driven and prepared for taking responsibility for your area of work

Also, for our communication to be as easy as possible, we need you to be fluent in English as well as in the language of the office you are applying to. 

Clearly, we are asking for a lot, but we also offer much: A long-term commitment with transparency, reliability and trust; the opportunity for further education as well as training on the job; great teams and interesting tasks; an environment in which you have autonomy in your field of expertise and – last but not least – WorkSmart.

So, if you work in a job in sales or logistics and would like to work in the Dolder way, please send in your application. And here are some further points that might be of interest to you in that context.


If you send in your application, please send us all the materials we need to get a good idea of who you are, where you come from and where you would like to go. This includes the following documents:

  • Your CV
  • Any reference letters from former employers
  • Certificates from your training and education
  • A letter telling us, what you would like to do at Dolder and why you would like to join us
  • A photo

If we have an open position, please send these documents to us as specified in the advertisement. For Switzerland this will be via the platform, in Italy, Spain and Turkey, we mostly use LinkedIn. If you would like to send us your application spontaneously, you will find the person responsible for recruiting in your country on our homepage under the heading of “jobs”. You can then send in your application via email directly to that person.

After you have sent in your application, we will have a close look at it, and this might take some days. But we will give you feedback as soon as possible. If your profile fits and we see an opportunity for collaboration, we will invite you to a first meeting. This might take place in person or also via Microsoft Teams. In this interview, you will meet the team manager and either a future colleague or someone for HR. During the hour that this meeting normally takes, we will tell you about Dolder and the job itself and we will, hopefully, learn a lot about you.


The next step in the recruiting process will be an online assessment. We are working with Adept-15 and Scales. The assessment includes three parts: Personality, interests and motivations as well as skills (verbal, numerical and logical). You can do the assessment at home and at a time of your liking. The three parts will take about 80 minutes to complete. We have not been working long with this assessment but have already seen that it helps us in getting to know you better and that it provides a good basis for an interesting second interview.

During the second interview, we will talk about the assessment and any questions that have cropped up with either you or us on this or other topics. Also, you will have two “Meet and Greet”-meetings. This means, that you will have two times a half hour with somebody doing the same job that you are applying for as well as an adjacent position (e.g. sales manager and sales coordinator). These two meetings will take place at the workstation of the respective colleague, and you will thus have the opportunity to see, how working at Dolder really looks like. As a further part of this meeting, you will meet the business unit manager. Also, if at all possible, we will have lunch with you and the team in this second round.


You can see that during your recruiting process, you will meet many of our colleagues: Apart from the team manager, you will meet your colleagues from the team, the business unit manager, and someone from HR. For us, this is a key point: As we are looking for people who want to collaborate with us long-term, it is important to us that you get a good look at life at Dolder. And, naturally, we also want to make sure that you will fit in well with us from our perspective and especially that of the team. 

We hope that these points will make your application at Dolder easier, and we are looking forward to receiving your documents and getting to know you. 

Kontakt :
Petra Schultheiss
HR Manager
Tel: +41 61 326 66 15